Sunday, February 19

Sit Stand

 South American Bandit
Environment Concept

So for Sit Stand I ended up going with the bandit.  Currently he's modeled and has his UV's :)
The digital attempt goes towards sit stand and is a concept for the environment background. Thanks to Charles I think my understanding of color is vastly improving.

Attempt Number 2

So this started out as a Zorn copy and turned into something else?

Friday, February 17

Digital Attempt

Here goes digital painting attempt number one, features Game of Thrones (I highly recommend the series)

I've decided that I will try my darn hardest to do at least one digital painting a day.  As a computer animation major, I feel like I rarely get the opportunity to study color and painting.  Also I probably should have done more of this freshman year and am now making up for it.  Can't wait to see digital painting attempt number 100!!