Tuesday, September 11

Update... and DFA

Wow, I just realized I haven't posted anything since March. 

 I filled a whole sketchbook over the summer so some of that should be appearing, as well as LOTS of work from my new class "Drawing for Animators" (aka DFA).

The first assignment was about learning how to create characters outside of your usual comfort zone.  We used silhouette, doodles, textures, and force fitting words to inspire us.

Here is an example of the doodle technique:


Thursday, March 1

Attempt number five

Haven't been keeping up with my promise very well, but I have been working on computer animation stuffs.  Here's another addition to the family. I'm not sure who he is, but he's grumpy...

Sunday, February 19

Sit Stand

 South American Bandit
Environment Concept

So for Sit Stand I ended up going with the bandit.  Currently he's modeled and has his UV's :)
The digital attempt goes towards sit stand and is a concept for the environment background. Thanks to Charles I think my understanding of color is vastly improving.

Attempt Number 2

So this started out as a Zorn copy and turned into something else?

Friday, February 17

Digital Attempt

Here goes digital painting attempt number one, features Game of Thrones (I highly recommend the series)

I've decided that I will try my darn hardest to do at least one digital painting a day.  As a computer animation major, I feel like I rarely get the opportunity to study color and painting.  Also I probably should have done more of this freshman year and am now making up for it.  Can't wait to see digital painting attempt number 100!!

Tuesday, January 31

Character Designs

So currently I'm in the beginning stages of creating the concept for my "Sit Stand" animation (basically during the 15 second story the character must sit/stand at some point)  - The class is leaning towards the little guerrilla rebel and the snake charmer (though he might actually be a sword swallower? Made him last minute and must redesign).

Also in the process of creating a traditional animation on some interesting vikings, which explains the village of vikings. More concept work to come!

I'm also realizing that all my characters have long lanky legs... gotta get out of the habit.

Monday, January 16

Fall semester update part 2.

So I also got some gouache last semester and attempt number one is at the top.  I really enjoyed using the medium, hopefully I can make time to experiment with it some more.

 The rest was inspired by:
mark weaver, a ballet performance, a sketch crawl, a DPSC event, and a jam session.

 So here's an update of some sketchbook work from fall semester (yeah I know I'm bad at updating)

I started to mess around with a parallel pen and I really like it, just need to get a comfortable with it. Oh and the first couple images are character sketches for my traditional animation class.  Ended up animating the big fluffy guy.  I'll post some more of him in the future.