Sunday, March 31

Sketchbook dump!

 Head and hand studies, and I guess some chimps.

And a little critter

Still Life

Photoshop still life...

Adobe Illustrator

Some fun practice in Illustrator. The first are spot illustrations and the second is a self portrait. 

Switch to Illustration

Some of my illustration assignments since January. I'm still figuring out how to finish pieces so I included the sketches so that I can get some feedback on what I could do in the future.

1. Rasputin, an ambiguous character. Easy to hate and easy to use as scapegoat.

2. Space Tourism Editorial. The image on the left is a photoshop study, the image on the right is a guache painting. 

3. Midsummer Poem Illustration. 

4. Children's Book Illustration. "The Samurai met an unfortunate but not entirely unpleasant end."

Sketchbook Dump (Summer 2012)

A bunch of sketches from last year that I'm just getting around to putting up on the blog.

Photoshop Practice continued...

A black and white photoshop study. I went in with the purpose of creating dramatic lighting and having a better understanding of creating atmosphere in a digital medium.  

Character Turn Arounds

Here are two character turn arounds. The first one was for an animation lip sync exercise starring myself (it never was realized because I switched my major to illustration). The second was to be for a push pull exercise in 3D.